Health Savings Account (HSA)

Save for future medical costs and reduce your tax bill with this special savings account available to $2,500 HDHP plan participants.

Out-of-pocket medical expenses can add up quickly. Over time, health care likely will be your largest household expense. A Health Savings Account allows you to build up protection for future health care expenses.

Along with Ollie’s contributions, you can contribute money to your HSA and use it at any time for qualified health care expenses. Whatever you don’t use rolls over for future years and earns interest. Better yet, HSAs provide tax advantages.

Click here to access your HSA Flyer and learn more about your HSA plan.

HSAs Deliver Triple Tax Advantages:

How much can you contribute? 2022 IRS Contribution Limit Ollie’s 2022 Contribution Your Maximum Contribution
Individual Coverage $3,650 $250 $3,400
Family Coverage $7,300 $500 $6,800

Keys to Growing Your HSA:

HSA Debit Card Example