Wellness Portal

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It’s simple! Visit myvitivehealth.org to create your personal account. Click New User to register and create your account and password. Your username is NH followed by your Employee ID# (ie: NH123456). If you have an employee ID# with a leading zero, drop the zero. For example, if your employee ID# is 012345, your username would be NH12345. You can update your profile settings and select an avatar to customize your experience! (For best experience, use Google chrome)

You will complete a confidential Health Risk Assessment (questionnaire) and schedule a Health Evaluation (biometric screening) to get a picture of your current health.

Don’t worry, your privacy is protected. Only you and Sterling Wellness will have access to your test results. Based on your results, your personal portal will recommend a variety of online tools, webinars and onsite programs will be available to help you improve your health.