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We are excited to offer many opportunities through our Vitive Health employee wellness program to support you on your journey to improved health and wellness.

Our everyday choices can help us live healthier, happier lives – that’s why we’ve created more programs to increase your knowledge of a variety of health topics. You’ll have access to fun, easy ways to eat healthier and improve your fitness level, as well as online self-management programs that can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll learn your current health status through a health evaluation and health assessment. Then, you’ll receive a detailed report which includes your Personal Health Score, Goal and Action Plan.

Be sure to take advantage of our free, confidential health coaching where together you create a plan designed to help you achieve your personal health goals as well as several challenges, online workshops and Nuvance Health health programs.

While participation is voluntary, we encourage you to take charge of your health, enjoy the many benefits of the program and explore new opportunities that inspire you to get moving, eat healthy and feeling your best!

Healthcare Revolution Top 100 Wellbeing Award

Congratulations Michele Smallidge, Wellness Coordinator, and Dan Cox, Administrative Director Total Benefits, for receiving the Healthcare Revolution Top 100 Wellbeing Award for dedication and early success of the Vitive Health employee wellbeing initiative. The award recognizes their work in building, improving and engaging teams of employees to champion workplace wellbeing and demonstrating impact within Nuvance Health, the healthcare industry and community.

The Healthcare Revolution is a partnership between Global Healthcare Resources and the Employee Benefit Healthcare Conference with a combined mission to transform the business of healthcare by uniting executives and professionals in healthcare, medical travel, wellness, benefits and insurance.

Wellness Opportunities

Health Risk Assessment (Questionnaire)
Located on My Vitive Health, the Health Risk Assessment will walk you through a number of lifestyle and health questions. Based on your results, you will be given recommendations on how to “Take Action Now” to make your lifestyle healthier. Learn More

Health Evaluation (Biometric Screening)
Learn your key health numbers, what they mean and what steps you can take to improve them. The Health Evaluation consists of a brief health questionnaire, blood pressure screening and comprehensive blood test that evaluates your risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, anemia, liver disease and more. Learn More

Health Coaching
Health coaches are available by phone and online to assist you with setting goals, creating a unique plan that works for you, and putting your plan in action. Based on your health risks, you may even receive a call from a health coach. Learn More

A variety of challenges will give you an opportunity to get moving and eat healthier. Learn More

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