Wellness Points Program

Living a healthier life can be fun and rewarding!

Here’s what you have to look forward to:
  • A free, confidential health evaluation to learn your current health status
  • Receive a health score, goal and personalized action plan to help you make personal health improvements
  • Fun, interactive challenges
  • Telephonic health coaching as well as the ability to connect with a health coach via live chat
  • A comprehensive, mobile-friendly website with great tips, tools, trackers, webinars and other interactive tools
  • A financial incentive, wellness credit towards 2023 medical premiums

Ready to Join?

It’s simple!

  1. Visit myvitivehealth.org to create your personal account
    Click New User to register and create your account and password. Your username is NH followed by your Employee ID# (ie: NH123456). If you have an Employee ID# with a leading zero, please drop the zero. For example, if your ID# is 012345, your username would be NH12345. You can update your profile settings and select an avatar to customize your experience! (For best experience, use Google chrome)
  2. Complete Questionnaire and Screening
    You will complete a confidential Health Risk Assessment (questionnaire) and schedule a Health Evaluation (biometric screening) to get a picture of your current health.
  3. Get your Personalized Education and Workshops
    You'll receive a detailed report that includes personalized education and workshop suggestions. Don’t worry, your privacy is protected. Only you and Sterling Wellness Solutions will have access to your test results. Based on your results, personalized health-related education and workshops will be suggested, which will address your unique health needs. A variety of online tools, webinars and onsite programs will be available to help you improve your health.

Already a Vitive Health participant?

You can access the Sterling Wellness Solutions portal (myvitivehealth.org) and enter the activities you’ve participated in since November 1, 2021 and continue to accrue points towards the 2023 medical insurance plan premium/wellness credit.

New this year!

You can enjoy the benefits of improved health and well-being and employees who complete the program requirements by October 21, 2022, and enroll in the 2023 Nuvance Health medical plan will be eligible for a financial incentive. Depending on your level of participation, you can earn a $400 or $600 annual savings on your 2023 Nuvance Health medical plan premium. Level 1 requirements must be completed to be eligible for Level 2 savings. Here’s a look at the requirements:

Level 1: Earn 400 points = $400 annual savings
  1. Health Risk Assessment (questionnaire)
  2. Health Evaluation (biometric screening)
Level 2: Earn 600 points = $600 annual savings
  1. Health Risk Assessment (questionnaire)
  2. Health Evaluation (biometric screening)
  3. Earn 200 more points by participating in various Vitive Health wellness offerings including Nuvance Health sponsored events and online options. Log into myvitivehealth.org, click on Action Plan and view the new “All Activities” section for opportunities to earn points.

Let’s keep the momentum going and continue on our wellness journeys and keep moving, eat right and take steps to manage stress for a healthier, happier life! We have many exciting opportunities planned to support your journey to improved health and wellbeing. Together, let’s make 2022 our healthiest year yet!

Your Health Evaluation

Schedule Onsite

Following registration and completing your Health Assessment, you can choose dates and times for onsite biometric screenings See additional information here.
Screening schedules coming soon!

Test at a Lab

Can’t make an onsite event? You may request a voucher on the assessment page at MyVitiveHealth.org in order to complete your screening at a nearby participating LabCorp. Remember, health screenings must be completed by October 7, 2022.

Before Your Biometric Screening

Remember to fast for 10 hours prior to your screening, take all prescribed medications and drink plenty of water. As a part of the health screening you will receive a 38-panel blood screening, including a cholesterol panel, glucose, Hemoglobin A1C, complete blood count, and complete metabolic panel. Your blood pressure, weight, and waist circumference will also be collected. Testing for Vitamin D and C-Reactive Protein is available for an additional fee.