Wellness Portal

Earning Points

With Vitive Health you can enjoy the benefits of improved health and well-being, plus the opportunity to earn points towards the wellness preferred medical plan premium. This year’s wellness program is filled with fun and unique offerings designed to help you live a healthy lifestyle while supporting individuals with specific health conditions.

Take advantage of the many walks, free health seminars, disease management programs, smoking cessation classes, fitness activities, healthy eating programs, stress management offerings, financial wellness opportunities, challenges, workshops and so much more! There’s a wide variety of activities to choose from that are sure to appeal to all interests! So let’s get going and have some fun - all while earning points!

Point Structure for 2022

Employees who complete the program requirements by October 21 and enroll in a 2023 Nuvance Health medical plan will be eligible for a financial incentive.

Level 1: Earn 400 points = $400 wellness credit

(Completion of health risk assessment and biometric screening)

Level 2: Earn 600 points = $600 wellness credit

(Completion of health risk assessment, biometric screening and 200 activity points)

Remember there are numerous opportunities we have in place to help you achieve your wellness goals. Log in to the portal for opportunities to connect with a Coach, complete challenges and Health eCourses, participate in stress management programs and more!

Apple = Vitive Health Point Opportunity

Look for the apple for opportunities to earn Vitive Health points. This apple icon is an easy way for you to spot a chance to participate in a program and earn points at the same time!

Vitive Health is part of our Benefits offerings, and participation is optional.

Legacy HQ staff governed by collective bargaining agreement are not eligible to participate in the 2022 Vitive Health Program