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Employee Assistance Programs

Get the help you need. It’s just a call or click away.

Aetna Resources for Living (RFL) is available to help with many of the challenges we are faced with in today’s rapidly changing environment. RFL offers free help locating resources for everything from stress management, childcare and caregiver support to counseling, legal and financial services.

Help is just a phone call or click away. Services are available at no cost to you and all members of your household – including dependent children up to age 26, whether or not they live at home.

Services are confidential and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To access services, call 1-800-962-9841 or visit www.resourcesforliving.com. Log in with Username: Nuvance; Password: eap

Look for the apple for opportunities to earn Vitive Health points. This apple icon is an easy way for you to spot a chance to participate in a program and earn points at the same time!

Vitive Health is part of our Benefits offerings, and participation is optional.

Legacy HQ staff governed by collective bargaining agreement are not eligible to participate in the 2022 Vitive Health Program.

Don’t hesitate to call for confidential assistance with:

Counseling and Relationship Support (face-to-face, phone or televideo counseling, support, consultations and resources for depression, conflict management, alcohol/substance abuse, stress management, work and home life balance and more)

Web-based Resources for Behavioral Health and Worklife Balance (resources include webinars, articles and self-assessments, stress resource center, myStrength - a “health club” for your mind, and more)

Worklife Balance Services (childcare, parenting, adoption, summer programs for kids, school and financial aid research, caregiver support, special needs, pet care, home repair and improvement, household services, care for older adults)

Legal Services (general, family and criminal law, elder law, estate planning, divorce, wills, real estate transactions, mediation services)

Financial Services (budgeting, retirement planning, mortgage/refinancing, credit and debit issues, college funding, tax and IRS questions and preparation)

Aetna Resources for Living website

The Aetna Resources for Living website features health and wellness articles and advice, interesting trending news, weekly webinars and helpful audio messages you can listen to while on the go.

You’ll also find links to numerous employee assistance programs and resources for issues ranging from mental wellbeing, stress management, depression and self-improvement to child and elder care, and fitness and nutrition.

Visit www.resourcesforliving.com. Log in with Username: Nuvance; Password: eap