The Well-being Credit Program

Northwell Health’s benefits team, in collaboration with employee wellness, offers employees who are enrolled in Northwell Value or Buy-up plans through UnitedHealthcare or High Deductible Health Plan through MagnaCare the opportunity to earn a maximum of $1,560 in paycheck credits in exchange for four healthy actions. These healthy actions include taking an online, confidential Health Risk Assessment (HRA), which is necessary in order to receive any credits, and three other health-related activities. The health activities, or well-being actions, are completed the year prior to receiving the credits.

New hires or those new to the plan will be automatically credited the four paycheck credits. These Well-being Credit Program participants must complete the online, confidential Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and three other additional well-being actions within six months of their benefits effective date. If they do not complete the well-being actions, their paycheck credits will cease after the six month grace period.

Online HRA well-being action is available at Click on the Programs menu item, then “HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT”>START NOW. Please note: you must complete the HRA to receive paycheck credits for any of the well-being actions.


Take the required HRA, then continue to choose to act on three of the following well-being actions:

  1. Morgan Stanley’s financial assessment: Register and take the financial wellness assessment part of the digital education portal to receive customized educational journeys dedicated to your personalized financial goals and how you can take action on your savings plans. Credit will be granted based on the list of those who have completed the assessment, confirmed by Morgan Stanley.
  2. myHealthyBody: Register and complete an online physical assessment to receive a personal exercise program to improve your physical health. Credit will granted for those who complete an assessment. Learn more.
  3. Physician Well-Being Action: your annual physical
  4. Dental Exam Action: exam or cleaning
  5. Vision Exam Action: eye exam by a licensed provider
  6. Breast Cancer Screening Action: mammogram
  7. Skin Cancer Screening Action: full body skin check
  8. Colorectal Cancer Screening Action: colonoscopy
  9. Cervical Cancer Screening Action: Pap smear
  10. Financial Well-Being Action: Complete a one-on-one financial meeting with a Transamerica representative. Visit and click on Schedule.
  11. Humanizing Substance Use Pledge: Complete a pledge to rethink, reframe, and humanize the topic of substance use. Visit:
  12. Northwell Health Patient App: Learn more to download the Northwell Health patient app and create your account.
  13. Feinstein GaP Registry Action: Visit
  14. Stress Reduction Action: Visit (Note: Only accessible on the Northwell network)
  15. Healthcare Proxy and Organ Donation Video Action: Visit
  16. Tobacco Cessation Program Action: Learn more about the Tobacco Cessation program and resources to become tobacco-free. To participate, call 516-466-1980 or email
  17. Living Healthy with Diabetes Program Action: Learn more about the Living Healthy with Diabetes program. To participate, call 1-855-36-GOALS (1-855-364-6527) or email

Compliance and confidentiality

Once your action has been completed, plan providers will send information to the insurance company for processing. Insurance company or other partners store your information securely. They send a date of action completion to Human Resources IT department by using secure file remittance process. This information is stored on the Oracle HCM myExperience portal on your personalized wellness summary. This entire process can take up to eight to 10 weeks to complete.

Timeline for completion and compliance

You have until the end of the calendar year to complete your well-being actions, although if you act before October 31 your credits will begin with the very first pay cycle of the New Year. Your well-being credits will appear in your wellness summary when logged in to myExperience>My Benefits Summary. These credits can take up to eight to 10 weeks to appear in your summary. The only certificate of completion you will receive will be from the HRA, the Financial well-being action, the Feinstein GAP Registry, and the Stress Less Well-Being action. All other actions are your dates of service with your provider or service.

Paycheck credits

Although you are encouraged to complete as many well-being actions that your physician recommends, the maximum amount of actions that are eligible for paycheck credits is four. Here’s how it works:

  • You must be enrolled in the Northwell Value or Buy-Up medical plan, or the High Deductible Health Plan to participate in The Well-being Credit Program.
  • Each healthy action is worth $15 per biweekly paycheck and $16.25 per semi-monthly paycheck.
  • If you complete all your actions by October 31 you will receive the maximum amount of paycheck credits the following year, which is $1,560.
  • Keep in mind that completing the HRA is a prerequisite for any credits.
  • If you complete an action or two in November/December, you will still receive the credits for those actions in the following year, but they will be delayed several pay cycles and will not be retroactive.
  • If you decide not to enroll in the Northwell employee benefits you will not receive the paycheck credits even if you completed the actions.
Well-being Action Carrier/Partner Tracking Who Considers Description of Action Frequency*
Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
Virgin Pulse All participants must complete the HRA to receive any paycheck credits. All participants must complete the HRA to receive any paycheck credits. Brief questionnaire with health and lifestyle questions. Register and login to the new myWellness platform at Annually
Financial Well-being Morgan Stanley All participants Register and take the financial wellness assessment part of the digital education portal to receive customized educational journeys Annually
Financial Well-Being Transamerica All participants Complete a telephone financial meeting with a Transamerica representative. To schedule an appointment, please visit and click the schedule option. Annually
Well-being Action myHealthyBody All participants This online program will provide you short daily exercises to prevent injury and improve your strength and flexibility. It will also offer advice about an injury and will either give you a personal exercise program or direct you to the correct treatment plan. Annually
Physician Wellness Visit UnitedHealthcare/MagnaCare All participants Annual visit checks in on your general health. Depending on your health status, your physician may or may not have your blood drawn for cholesterol and/or diabetes risk. This well-being action is highly recommended as it is the best way to receive professional advice on your health and lifestyle. Annually
Dental Exam Cigna All participants Dental exams include a cleaning and general check. X-rays are recommended on an annual basis. Twice a year
Vision Exam Davis Vision Check with your primary care physician to see what eye exam scheduling works best for you. Tests performed by an ophthalmologist (medical doctor), or optometrist, assessing vision and ability to focus on and discern objects, as well as other tests and examinations pertaining to the eyes. Annually, more frequently if at risk.
Breast Cancer Screening United Healthcare/MagnaCare Women, 40 and over, and those with breast cancer history in the family. A digital mammography scans both breasts to check for abnormalities. Annually, more frequently if at risk.
Skin Cancer Screening United Healthcare/MagnaCare Those 21 and over, and those with skin cancer in the family. Head to toe skin exams can detect changing lesions and prevent cancer. Annually
Colorectal Cancer Screening United Healthcare/MagnaCare Those 45 and over, and those with colon cancer history in the family. Requires prep work the day before. Talk with your doctor about the procedure. Every ten years, more frequently if at risk.
Cervical Cancer Screening/Pap Smear United Healthcare/MagnaCare Women 21 and over, and those with cervical cancer in the family A Pap smear is a routine test used to screen for cervical cancer. Annually, more frequently if at risk.
Humanizing Substance Use Video Substance use council All participants Visit to participate in a survey and watch a video to learn about the significant impact substance use has on our society and the resources Northwell offers to help individuals with recovery. Annually
Well-being Action: Northwell Health Patient App Digital Patient Experience All participants Learn more to download the Northwell Health patient app and go through the steps to create your account, confirm your email, and verify your identity to receive the credit.

This app enables you to manage appointments, pay bills, find in-system providers and more from your mobile device.
Feinstein GaP Registry Northwell Health’s Feinstein Institute All participants Visit Note: You must submit blood to a Northwell lab to comply Once
Stress Less Well-Being Assessment Northwell HR Technology All participants This online module will assess and address your level of stress. Visit Once
Healthcare Proxy or Organ Donation Video All participants Visit to watch the video. Once
Care Management Program Center for Tobacco Control Tobacco users Complete at least two coaching sessions with the Center for Tobacco Control Depends on needs
Care Management Program Healthy Living for Employees with Diabetes program Employees with diabetes Join the Healthy Living for Employees with Diabetes program and complete a wellness visit or endocrinology visit. Depends on needs

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Step One: Register for myWellness at Create an account.

Step Two: Login and click on the “Programs” menu item. “HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT” will be at the top of the Programs page, click START NOW.

Step Three: There are 43 questions about your general health and lifestyle. There may be some questions you are unable to answer, such as your biometrics. You can always return once you have your numbers from your primary care visit. Although we encourage you to complete the HRA in its entirety, not all questions are required and you will still receive the credit once you submit.

Thank you for taking care of yourself! You will earn 500 myRecognition reward points for completing your HRA and you’ll have a personalized tool that you can update as you continue on your wellness journey.

Frequently asked questions

Login to myExperience, click on the My Benefits Summary tab, then scroll down to view your wellness summary.

The HRA is 100% voluntary. Although only employees who are enrolled in a Northwell employee medical employee plan will receive the annual paycheck credit of $390 for the well-being action, all employees have access to completing it. When an employee completes the HRA they will receive 500 myRecognition reward points, whether or not they are enrolled in an employee medical plan.
Only if you have technical issues or questions relating to Virgin Pulse entire wellness platform, visit “SUPPORT” by clicking on your profile or using the support button on the right side of the screen. You may also call the Virgin Pulse customer support line between the hours of 8:00 am to 9:00 pm EST Monday-Friday at 877-785-3222. You can contact employee wellness for program-related questions at
The wellness experts at Northwell recommend you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician first. This visit will help you to fill out your HRA in the most accurate way possible, while giving you the opportunity to discuss which well-being actions would work best for your health and preventive care. Bring the chart on the previous pages with you to your annual exam and discuss with your primary care physician what actions make the most sense for you.
That’s great that you completed six well-being actions but the maximum amount of credit is for four well-being actions which adds up to an annual credit of $1,560.
Your paycheck credits will automatically begin when your benefits begin. You have until six months to fulfill them. If you do not fulfill your well-being action requirements your credits will cease in six months. The program runs on a calendar year. Moving forward, you will complete the four well-being actions in the current year in exchange for paycheck credits the following year.
Yes, the benefits team, in partnership with the clinical service lines and others are constantly looking at new ways to keep you healthy.