Financial well-being for 2021

New! Financial Wellness Program from Morgan Stanley at Work

Our new financial well-being offering for you is designed to help you set goals, effectively manage your money and make confident financial decisions for yourself and your family. The program includes:

Digital education portal, designed to help you assess and enhance your financial well-being through customized educational journeys. These journeys will empower you with information to make better financial decisions.

Register here to access the digital education portal and take the financial wellness assessment!

Get started with a few easy steps:

  • Step 1: Register with your work email address* and follow the prompts to verify
  • Step 2: Answer a simple set of questions about your financial priorities and challenges–it takes less than five minutes!
  • Step 3: Complete a financial wellness assessment and receive personalized educational journeys based on your answers

Team members enrolled in an employee medical plan who register for the digital portal and take the financial assessment are eligible for a well-being credit towards the Well-being Credit Program. Credit will be granted based on the list of those who have completed the assessment, confirmed by Morgan Stanley.

Financial consultations available with Morgan Stanley.

You have access to the guidance and support of a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor.

As a part of our continued focus on financial wellness, we have Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors available for complimentary 30-minute individual consultations.

The Financial Advisors are knowledgeable about our company benefits, including retirement plans, and can help address your unique financial needs and priorities. Common discussion topics include:

  • Retirement plans and compensation as part of your overall financial picture
  • Advice on how to achieve personal financial goals (e.g. preparing for retirement, purchasing a home, saving for a child’s education)
  • Building and protecting personal wealth
  • General investment advice

In preparation for these consultations, you might consider bringing a list of current financial accounts and identify your financial goal(s) to make the session as productive as possible.

Request your consultation today:
  • Call (833) 636-6784
  • Email
    *All discussions are confidential and you can choose to establish an ongoing relationship with the Financial Advisor afterwards.
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Schedule a 1:1 with your local TransAmerica Retirement Solutions retirement planning consultant

Schedule a 1:1 with your local TransAmerica Retirement Solutions retirement planning consultant. You can receive a wellness credit of $390 annually prerequisite is completing a Health Risk Assessment to be eligible to receive any wellness credits.

  • Your Northwell Health 403(b) and 401(k) plans
  • Your Northwell Health Cash Balance Plan
  • Other pension plans
  • Beneficiary designations – A will doesn’t cover retirement account assets
  • Estate planning – Not just for the ultra-wealthy
  • Personal savings – The importance of an emergency fund (Bethpage)
  • Social Security – Maximize your benefit
  • Medicare – Enrolling at 65
  • Target date funds – More conservative over time
  • Life insurance – What are your coverage needs?
  • Roth IRA conversions – Diversifying tax risk
  • Strategies for drawing income in retirement
  • Annuity options – Does annuitizing make sense for you and your beneficiaries?
  • Spousal plans
  • Northwell HSA/FSA

Northwell has teamed up with Bethpage Federal Credit Union to offer you an emergency checking account option. Many financial professionals often say that at minimum you should save three months of living expenses (or at least 10K). When something unexpected comes your way, the emergency account can protect you! You can save a little at a time but still save to build your security account.

If you open a new Bethpage checking account, you will receive a bonus for direct deposit via Northwell payroll.

To open an account, please visit Bethpage at your Northwell location or contact Bethpage at 516-349-4220.