Dental for 2021

Cigna offers two plans that provide different levels of dental benefits - each gives you and your family access to affordable, quality dental care and dentists.

1. The Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO or PPO) costs a bit more per paycheck but you’ll have access to both in- and out-of-network dentists and services. Referrals are not required for in- or out-of-network specialists.

For more information, call Cigna at 888-336-8258 for the PPO Plan and 800-367-1037 for the HMO Plan.

Cigna DPPO In-network Out-of-network (with discounts)
Deductibles $50 Individual/$100 Family $50 Individual/$100 Family
Maximums $2,000 Annual $2,000 Annual
Preventive/ Diagnostic Care 100% - twice annually 80%
Basic Restorative Care 80% (after deductible) 70% (after deductible)
Major Restorative Care 50% (after deductible) 50% (after deductible)
Orthodontic Care 50% (after deductible)
$1,500 Lifetime
50% (after deductible)
$1,500 Lifetime
Referrals to Specialists Not required Not required
*Dental Implants $1,800 lifetime max for implant coverage, no member cost share up to the max of $1,800 ($900 for implants placed by residents and $1,800 for implants placed by attending dentists)
To pay the least out-of-pocket, stay in Advantage network. If a member goes outside the Advantage network, they will also have access to discounts under Dental PPO network. Cigna refers to this as “in-network” these benefits are paid as out-of-network, this network will afford the member discounted rates, but benefits will pay at the out-of-network level of benefits. Members who enroll in the DPPO plan will not receive a dental plan ID card. Dental providers use the member's social security number to look up their coverage.

*Members enrolled in the Cigna PPO plan are eligible for dental implants. Coverage restricted to the following Northwell dental clinics only:

  1. LIJ Medical Center
    270-05 76th Ave,
    New Hyde Park, NY, 11040
  2. Northshore Dental Manhasset
    400 Community Drive,
    Manhasset, NY, 11030
  3. Northwell Health Dental Medicine
    10 Medical Plaza
    Glen Cove NY 11542

2. The Dental Care Access Network (formerly referred to as a Dental Health Maintenance Organization or DHMO) gives you access to Cigna Dental or in-network services only. The plan has $0 deductibles, with unlimited maximum. Referrals to a specialist is required.

DHMO Schedule of fees

Cigna Dental Care Access Network In-network
Deductibles $0
Maximums Unlimited
Preventative/ Diagnostic Care 100% covered
Major/Basic Restorative Care Fixed pre-set fees
Orthodontic Care Lifetime maximum benefits/24-month treatment
Referrals to Specialists Referral required

FAQ's - Dental

The Dental Care Access Network gives you access to Cigna Dental or In-Network services only. This plan has $0 deductibles, with unlimited maximum. Referral for a specialist is required. The DPPO plan costs a bit more per paycheck, but provides access to both in- and out-of-network dentists and services. Referrals are not required.

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