A beneficiary supersedes a Will, so be sure to think smart when designating.

The term is defined as a person who derives advantage from something, especially a trust, will or life insurance policy. Consider who you would want to receive your insurance money should something happen to you.

You can put down as many as you want as long as the total distribution adds up to 100%.

Anyone can be your beneficiary. Your beneficiary should be the person or persons for whom you wish to provide financial protection in the event of your death.

Yes, but keep in mind The Hartford will be unable to pay the proceeds to your children until

  • the date your child(ren) reach the age of 21, this is up to each individual state
  • the date your legal guardian of the minor’s estate has been appointed by the court


There are several benefits that need designated beneficiaries:

Note: An alternative to naming your minor children as your beneficiaries is to establish a Trust that can receive and manage the proceeds on behalf of your children. In this situation, you would designate the Trust as the beneficiary.

Now is a great time to be sure your beneficiaries are up to date if you are a participant in our Cash Balance Plan, 401(k)/403(b) retirement savings plans through Transamerica and/or life insurance.

*Eligible employees hired after 7/1/2018 do not participate in the Cash Balance Plan.

Basic and supplemental life insurance need designated beneficiaries:

Login into myExperience, click on Benefits, Report a Life Event, then click here to update Beneficiary Detail