Employee Wellness

At Northwell, the goal of the Employee Wellness team is to simplify the health and wellness journey of every team member by creating a bridge to enhanced care, improved health and a safe work environment.

Did you know Northwell has been named a Healthiest100 Workplace? Watch this video tutorial to see how the Employee Wellness teams helps you navigate your well-being journey at Northwell and to learn more about our program offerings!

  • Patricia Flynn, Assistant Vice President
  • Melinda Nasti, Director, Spiritual Wellness Operations
  • Lauren Dolinski, MPH, CHES, CHWC, LMC, Manager
  • Valerie Gundersen, Manager
  • Nathalie Jean Baptiste, MPH, CHWC, Manager
  • Niha Malcomson, MPH, CHWC, Manager
  • Michelle Milgrim, MS, RD, CDN, CLC, Manager
  • Dina Morgan, CHWC, Manager
  • Rita Roscigno, MCHC, Project Manager


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