Employee and Family Assistance Program (EAP)

(All employees)

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, confidential counseling service for Northwell Health employees and their benefit-eligible family members. The program offers short-term, goal directed coaching and counseling designed to help you resolve problems that have an impact on your work and/or home life. Services are available in-person, via telephone and virtual telehealth.

Your EAP can help you with a wide range of work-life issues that can create considerable stress in your life.

  • Home and work relationship issues
  • Personal problems
  • Stress, anxiety and sadness
  • Job performance issues
  • Loss and grief
  • Domestic Violence issues
  • Life changes and transitions
  • Child/family issues
  • Child school issues
  • Substance Misuse

Are you struggling with Substance Misuse?

Call our Confidential Help Line for help: 855-CARE4SA (855-227-3472).

Bottle Cap

A confidential service to learn about healthy drinking and how to make changes: www.thebottlecap.org/#eap

Take a short break and relax with EAP’s Stress Relief audio presentations.

The Northwell Health Employee and Family Assistance Program are staffed by New York State licensed behavioral health professionals.
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Leslie Reduto, LCSW, CASAC, CEAP

Leslie is a Senior EAP Consultant for the Northwell Health Employee and Family Assistance program (EAP). Prior to becoming a social worker, Leslie worked as a Technical Director of a Nuclear Cardiology Laboratory. She joined the organization in 2001 as an intern at Glen Cove Hospital. Upon graduation, Leslie continued to work in the Women and Children’s Program at Glen Cove Hospital substance abuse treatment program.

In her role as a Senior EAP Consultant, Leslie assists employees with identifying and resolving personal and work related issues. She links employees to appropriate resources and referrals. She works with leadership to provide consultation, training and crisis interventions. She conducts presentations and workshops for managers and employees often developing site specific presentations.

She coordinates all substance abuse Return-to Work cases by linking employees to treatment and monitoring compliance. She is responsible for providing services to North Shore University Hospital, Glen Cove, and Huntington Hospitals; corporate sites and EAP’s contract service at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories.

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Maria Madrid, LCSW, CEAP

With over 16 years of service within the organization and a background serving in various positions dealing with all levels of employees/clients, Maria has demonstrated conflict resolution skills needed in today’s complex work environment. Maria is a Senior EAP Consultant who is both bilingual and bicultural, is able to relate and communicate well in our multicultural society by bypassing personal differences and opening up the idea of new possibilities. She is proactive in meeting the needs of her clients with understanding, empathy and concern to better benefit both the client and the organization’s needs. Maria provides confidential counseling, coaching, consulting, crisis intervention and referral services to all employees and their dependents. Maria provides services to North Shore University Hospital, Plainview, Syosset and Southside Hospitals. In addition, Maria services Center for Emergency Medicine and the Melville and Westbury business sites. Maria received her Bachelor of Arts (B.S.W.) from CUNY at Lehman College and her Master’s in Social Work (M.S.W.) from SUNY at Stony Brook University and CEAP certification from the Employee Assistance Certification Commission.

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Nancy DeJean, PhD

Dr. Dejean’ s clinical experience includes 29 years in Northwell’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation and seven years of clinical case management, individual and group therapy experience at the Northwell Health Adult Day Hospital Program. In addition, Dr. Dejean has four years of clinical experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Zucker Hillside Hospital Ambulatory Care Clinic and twenty one years of supervisory experience in training level one and level two Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Counseling interns from various colleges and universities in the tristate area. Dr. Dejean provides confidential counseling, coaching, consulting, crisis intervention and referral services to all employees and their dependents. Dr. Dejean provides services to LIJ at Forest Hills and Valley Stream, Peconic and Zucker-Hillside Hospitals and Shared Services.

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Shari Bernstein-Meyer, LCSW-R, CEAP

Shari is a Senior EAP Consultant for the Northwell Health Employee and Family Assistance program (EAP). She has been in the EAP field for 17 years is a Certified Employee Assistance Professional. She has expertise in crisis management, short term treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy. Shari is a result-orientated behavioral health professional with proven experience in clinical services, treatment review and management consultation. She possess excellent clinical, employee coaching, and care planning skills. Shari provides services to LIJ Medical Center, Cohen’s Children Medical Center, Northern Westchester Hospital and Phelps Memorial Medical Center. In addition, Shari has expertise in cognitive/behavioral and brief solution oriented treatments along with advanced training in chemical/alcohol addictions, crisis intervention and trauma. Shari is a gifted trainer who excels at presenting a broad spectrum of topics to diverse audiences.

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Matthew Mitchell, Ph.D.

Dr. Mitchell earned his BA in Psychology at Vassar, and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He has a varied clinical background that includes parent training, child and adolescent psychotherapy, neuropsychological assessment, sports psychology, health psychology, and treatment of victims with trauma.

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Alexis Earlington, M.S.

Alexis graduated from Brooklyn College’s School Psychology Program in 2017. After graduation she began working with a non-profit organization in collaboration with the Department of Social Services’ Person In Need of Supervision. Alexis provided in home support, case management and counseling to children/adolescents who were struggling with mental health and behavioral issues. In 2019, Alexis began her career at Northwell Health, first working as a Family Support Liaison for North Shore University Hospital. As a Family Support Liaison Alexis provided support to families who were making end of life decisions and a liaison for New York state’s organ and tissue procurement organization, Live On NY. Alexis’ experience and passion of working with children/adolescents and families led her to her current position with the Employee and Family Assistance Program.

Dealing with Suspected Substance Misuse in the Workplace

  • If you suspect a team member is impaired while at work, contact the EAP at 877-327-4968. An EAP Consultant is available 24/7 to assist you. Download/print and complete the Reasonable Suspicion Checklist. An EAP consultant will assist you in determining impairment based on the checklist and will contact the Toxicology Testing Vendor if testing is warranted.

  • If toxicology testing is warranted, you will need to download/print the Toxicology Testing Consent Form and ask the team member in question to sign before toxicology testing can take place.

  • Reasonable Suspicion Process for Managers
  • Toxicology Testing Consent Form
  • EAP Handbook for Managers and Supervisors - A Leaders Guide
  • Leading through Difficult Times is a video presentation designed to help managers and supervisors guide and support team members through change and difficult times.

Services for Physicians, Residents, Physician Assistants and Medical Students

The Northwell Health Physician’s Resource Network (PRN) is a confidential coaching and counseling service designed to meet the needs of members of the Northwell Health Medical Staff. Guided by a medical staff advisory panel, PRN provides cost-free services Northwell Health attending physicians, residents, physician assistants and medical students.

PRN services include confidential consultation, counseling, and professional coaching, as well as help in developing a healthier lifestyle. As needed, PRN may recommend further consultation with a select panel of behavioral health clinicians who are experienced in addressing issues specifically encountered by medical professionals.

In addition to the services mentioned above, PRN provides confidential outreach services to medical staff members adversely impacted by untoward events which occur in medical practice. In-service training is also available which includes learning techniques for stress reduction, burnout prevention and anger management. This training may be provided at actual practice sites depending on medical staff members needs.

PRN can help you:

  • Recover from “burnout”
  • Deal with workplace conflicts and communication problems
  • Cope with adverse patient outcomes
  • Manage depression, anxiety and other psychological problems
  • Learn to sleep restfully
  • Learn healthy ways to manage anger and other strong emotions
  • Find solutions to medical training and/or practice issues
  • Build healthy relationships, strengthen families, and create work-life balance
  • Cope with life transitions and grieving
  • Address alcohol and other drug problems
  • Regain the rewards and meaning in practicing medicine

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a confidential consultation, please contact PRN at 1-866-454-3280.

  • Physician Stress & Burnout (link)
  • Outreach after unfortunate events and unexpected outcomes (link)
  • Physician intervention services – disruptive physician behavior (link)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can use PRN?

All Northwell Health attending physicians - voluntary and employed, residents/fellows, physician assistants and medical students and their benefit eligible spouses and dependents.

Where is the PRN office located?

PRN is located at 333 East Shore Road, Suite 204 in Manhasset. The PRN consulting team serves all system locations. If you are unable to schedule an appointment at our Manhasset office, we can serve you locally. For more information regarding services or to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants, please call 1-866-454-3280 or email us at PRN@nshs.edu.

How much does it cost?

PRN services are without cost.

What services does PRN offer?

PRN provides personalized cost-free consultation, short-term counseling and appropriate referrals, for all Northwell Health physicians dealing with stress-related, emotional and behavioral problems. PRN can help you:

  • Learn to manage stress and recover from “burnout”
  • Recover from “burnout”
  • Deal with workplace conflicts and communication problems
  • Cope with adverse patient outcomes
  • Address alcohol and drug problems

What kinds of issues does PRN handle?

PRN provides confidential services to Medical Staff and their family adversely impacted by the stress of events which occur in medical practice, workplace conflicts and home-life issues. In-service training is also available which includes learning techniques for stress reduction, burnout prevention and anger management. This training may be provided at actual practice sites depending on medical staff members needs.

How confidential is this service?

PRN is a confidential service. No information will be released without your written consent except in cases required by law, such as imminent danger to self or others.

As a Chair, Dean or Department Manager, how can I refer someone to PRN?

To discuss the need for referral to PRN, call us at 866-454-3280 for a confidential consultation.