Child care offerings

(All employees)

At Northwell, the well-being of our team members and their families is always a top priority. During these unprecedented times, we understand and share in concerns that families are facing. To support team members, we are continuously working on providing child care benefits, including in-person options within the areas our team members live and work.

Back-up Care Program

Team members scheduled to work at least .5 of the full-time equivalent per week* have access to back-up child or elder care through our partnership with Bright Horizons. If you are a member of a union, contact your representative to see if you are eligible. The Back-Up Care Program offers ten visits, within a calendar year, to any employee whose regular caregiver or care routine falls through. Some examples for planned or urgent back-up care would include: school closings, caregiver vacation or illness, unexpected shift coverage, business travel and such.

  • Center-based care at a Bright Horizon facility or a Bright Horizons affiliated facility is only open to children under the age of 13.
    Read more.
  • In-home care is available for children and elders (parents, grandparents, spouses) who are in need of care when their routine caregiver is unavailable. All in-home caregivers are background checked on a weekly basis. If you like the caregiver, you can make note of it in your profile for return service. In-home care is $6 per hour with a four hour minimum and 10 hour maximum. The care covers up to three children at that same fee, and is considered just one visit, since it takes place in your home.

There is an enhanced back-up care benefit for team members planning for a new arrival or adjusting back to work after the birth/adoption of a baby. If you have a child under the age of one you can now take advantage of Bright Horizons back-up care program with an additional five visits per calendar year - making your allowed visits up to 15 in a calendar year. Read more.

All caregivers have been trained in the nuances of back-up care the same way the center's staff and teachers have been trained.


To register visit First time users will use Northwell as their username and care4you as the password. Once logged in, you will need your Universal ID and a newly created password.

Registration is free. Allow about ten to 15 minutes to complete the registration, due to necessary information about your loved ones such as allergies, emergency contacts, doctor's information, etc. All information is stored in a confidential data base, which can be updated by you at any time.

For more information, review the Bright Horizons FAQs and Bright Horizons Overview

Contact Bright Horizons Care Advantage 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 877-242-2737.

Virtual tutoring support

The pandemic has disrupted every aspect of life including the classroom and our children’s learning. You can use your Bright Horizons Back-Up Care™ benefit to reserve an experienced tutor to help your 5-18-year-old.

Benefit overview:

  • Instant help in reading, math, science, social studies, and 300+ other subjects
  • Targeted support with a math or reading expert who can identify areas of opportunity and help your child excel
  • Each back-up care use can be exchanged for four hours of virtual tutoring
  • Submit a tutoring request through the back-up care site and schedule the days and times that work best for your family. See a step-by-step guide here or watch this video to learn more

To get started visit and if prompted, use the below username and password:

  • Employee Username: Northwell
  • Password: care4you
* Please note, NYSNA team members are not eligible for this benefit.

Northwell has a partnership with Learning Care Group to subsidize up to $400 per month ($40 per day up to 10 days per month), per child, between the ages of 0-12*. There’s also a 10% tuition savings for children between the ages of 2-12 enrolled in the full-time programs. This plan excludes 1199-represented team members who are able to enroll in the child care option offered in their contract.

For more information, to find your center, or to book visits, visit the Learning Care Group.

*Please note not every location will be able to accommodate children age five or older.

Child’s age Daily rate Northwell daily contribution Team member daily co-pay
0-2 years $100 $40 $60
3-12 years $75 $40 $35

Click here to learn more about Summer Camp with the Learning Care Group.

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