Getting Married?

Congratulations! Your new spouse or domestic partner is eligible to be added to your HBC benefits during your QLE Window, which is within 31 days of your marriage or change in domestic partner status, or you may wish to be covered on your spouse’s/partner’s benefit plan if you are eligible. You may also decline your current HBC benefits during your QLE Window if you become covered on your spouse’s/partner’s benefit plan.


If you elect coverage for a spouse, domestic partner, or civil union dependent, you MUST complete the Certification of Marriage, Civil Union, or Domestic Partnership. The certification can be returned by uploading it through the HBC benefits page, sending an email to, or via fax to 1-224-828-7337 within 31 days of enrollment.

Click here to access the form. All dependent verification documentation must include the HBC Qualifying Life Event fax cover sheet, which can be accessed here.

Actions to consider:

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