Short-Term Disability FAQ

HBC pays the cost of funding the Plan from the General Assets of the company.
HBC Short-Term Disability Salary Continuation Plan replaces a portion of your income if an injury, illness or maternity forces you out of work for an extended period of time. HBC provides basic short-term disability coverage at no cost to you, and enrollment is automatic, provided you are eligible.

If eligible, you may receive pay for up to 26 weeks, depending on your approved medical necessity and prior medical disability leaves taken within the immediately preceding 12 months. Your pay while on an approved medical leave will be based on the following charts, however, prior leaves taken during the immediately preceding 12 months will reduce the pay weeks remaining.
You are covered at 12:01 a.m. at our primary place of business on the date you are eligible for coverage.
Once your coverage begins, any increased, decreased or additional benefits will take effect immediately on the date of such change.
Your coverage under the Plan ends on the earliest of:

  • the date the Plan is terminated;
  • the date you are no longer in an eligible group;
  • the date your eligible group is no longer covered; or
  • the last day you are in active employment.
If you are on a Company leave, including a Family and Medical Leave, coverage will commence and continue in accordance with any policies and procedures regarding leaves. Similarly, changes in your coverage while you are on a leave may occur as described in these policies and procedures on leave.
If you are placed on furlough your Short-Term Disability Salary Continuation benefits will be impacted as follows for any disability commencing during your furlough period:

  • Your Date of Disability will be the actual date your medical provider indicates you are unable to work due to accident or illness, even if that date is within your furlough period.
  • Your Benefit Elimination Period, if applicable, and your Maximum Period of Payment will begin on your Date of Disability.
  • Because you are not receiving a Salary while on furlough you will not receive Salary Continuation benefits for a disability that begins during your furlough period.
  • If you are medically disabled on the date you are called back from furlough you will be eligible to receive Salary Continuation benefits from that date until the earliest of 1) the date you are no longer medically disabled and unable to work, or 2) the end of your Maximum Period of Payment. Benefits will be calculated based on your Weekly Earnings immediately prior to your date of furlough.
You are deemed disabled when Matrix, HBC’s Claims Administrator, determines that:

  • you are limited from performing the material and substantial duties of your regular occupation due to your sickness or injury; and
  • you have a 20% or more loss in weekly earnings due to that same sickness or injury.

The loss of a professional or occupational license or certification does not, in itself, constitute disability. If you have a vaginal delivery, you will be considered disabled for a minimum period of six (6) weeks beginning on the date of your delivery. If you undergo a Cesarean section, you will be considered disabled for a minimum period of eight (8) weeks beginning on the date of your Cesarean section, unless you are cleared to return to work prior to the end of either of these periods.

Matrix may require you to be examined by a physician, other medical practitioner and/or vocational expert of its choice. This examination will be at no cost to you and can be required as often as it is reasonable to do so. You may also be required to be interviewed in person by a claims representative.
You must use your Paid Time Off (PTO) for periods of absence prior to being approved for STD. If subsequently approved, any PTO hours used (except for those attributed to your elimination period) will be restored and re-classified as STD pay.