Dental Plan FAQ

To locate a participating provider in the DHMO network, log onto and select “Find a Doctor.” Then, click on the directory labeled “For plans offered through work or school.” Select the “Dentist” tab and enter your search location (city, state, or zip). Using the “Select a Plan” pull-down menu, choose the “Cigna Dental Care HMO.” If you are looking for a specific provider, enter the name. Finally, click the “Search” button to view your results.

If you elect the Buy-Up or Core dental plan, your network will be the “Total Care Cigna PPO” network. If you elect the DHMO plan, your network will be called “Dental Care DHMO.”
The coinsurance amounts listed in the DHMO brochure is the “Patient Coinsurance” -- the amount you would pay.
Dental coverage provides insurance up to the annual maximum. Once the plan has provided coverage or reimbursement up to the annual maximum, there is no further coverage available. You will, however, only be charged the negotiated discount rate for services in-network. The annual maximum is per covered individual, so even if one family member reaches their limit, another member is eligible up to their own limit.
Under the Buy-Up dental plan, there is no age limit. Both children and adults are eligible for the orthodontia benefit. Under the DHMO dental plan, orthodontia is covered for dependent children up to their 19th birthday.
No. You must also confirm if your provider participates in the PPO (Total Cigna Dental PPO) and/or DHMO (Cigna Dental Care) plans.
No. The spousal surcharge, if applicable, only applies to the medical plan participation.