ConsumerMedical (CM) is your Medical Ally for independent, confidential, one-on-one support to help you and your family make informed decisions about medical care and treatment at every point in your health care journey. CM’s services to participants in HBC’s medical plans include:

Expert medical guidance for any condition, no matter how complex or rare.

CM is your Medical Ally for all conditions and challenges. You will receive:

  • Support from your own team (including a doctor, nurse, and professional researcher) over the phone (or via secure email or texting)

  • Recommendations for top-rated specialists and hospitals in your area and insurance network who have experience with your medical condition

  • Guidance on how to talk to your doctor and ask the right questions

  • Help getting a second opinion when you need one

  • Articles, books, videos, and links to websites to help you better understand your medical condition and treatment options

CM provides direct access to in-person and remote medical expertise from the highest-quality providers for your unique condition, preferences and needs. CM partners with renowned medical institutions and leading physicians with extensive experience providing remote second opinions in the U.S. and globally. For in-person expert medical opinions, CM will match you with the most appropriate, highest performing physicians in your area for your specific medical condition, and will help you schedule your appointment.

For ALL expert opinions, CM will assist you with:

  • Medical records collection, pathology review, and appointment scheduling

  • Unlimited concierge support from CM’s physician-led team

  • Questions for employees to ask their physicians

  • Education on the value of high-performing physicians

Understand your options before having surgery

It’s important to understand all of your options before you decide to have surgery. That’s why there is a requirement under HBC’s health plans that you participate in Surgery Decision Support (SDS) before having lower back surgery, hip or knee replacement, weight loss surgery, or Hysterectomy.

If you or your covered spouse or domestic partner complete the SDS requirements, you will avoid the $1,000 penalty at the time your claim(s) are processed, unless you have one of these surgeries on an emergency basis. If you do participate in the program, you will receive a $400 gift card* direct from ConsumerMedical! To be eligible for gift card and avoid the penalty, contact ConsumerMedical at least 30 days before the scheduled date for one of the surgeries listed above to engage and complete survey.

If you participate in the program for Oncology Support, you will receive a $400 HSA contribution from HBC.

Claims Advocacy

ConsumerMedical’s claims advocates offer independent guidance from neutral experts to help you understand and resolve medical treatment issues, improve your financial well-being and preparedness, and reduce the stress of dealing with insurance and billing issues.

  • Understand and interpret an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from Cigna

  • Confirm out-of-pocket costs for a procedure or treatment

  • Clarify the coverage in which you are enrolled

  • Outreach to your medical providers regarding your treatment or billing issues

  • Identify and fix billing errors with your providers

  • Manage health plan correspondence on claims issues

  • Navigate the health plan appeals process


ConsumerMedical (My Medical Ally)
(company code: HBC)